Add your first lead

You’re all set to send your first lead!

Just press Add on the top menu.
This is where you can manually add your first lead.

You can select the campaign you entered when signing up.
The vertical will be automatically selected.

Press next and all the fields you entered when signing up will appear.
These are your initial Lead Fields.
Please fill them

And please make sure you add an actual address, using Housenumber for the number.
This will make sure your lead will get be automatically geocoded with a lat long.

Press Next when you added all information.

In the next screen you can leave Source can Additional Info empty for now.
Press Save.

Your 1st Xzazu Inbound Lead is being generated now!

Wait a few seconds and refresh your screen. Your first lead will appear. Select it and you’ll go into the screen that has all the lead information in it.

If you scroll down you will see that your lead has been sent out to your first customer as well.
That’s because we also entered a test customer for easy reference.

We entered your own email address as your client’s email address.
So, your lead has been sent to your email address as well.